Korg DS-10 update

NCS Product Update – July 25, 2008
«©NCSX» An initial shipment of AQ Interactive’s highly anticipated KORG DS-10 Synthesizer software for the Nintendo DS arrived today and preorders will begin shipping this afternoon. Please note that the remainder of our shipments are expected to arrive next week.

Korg DS-10 ACQ Interactive

Update: I’ve pre-ordered a Japanese version of AQ Interactive’s Korg DS-10. Apparently the DS-10 has got a bit of a raw deal in Japan in that it is now exclusively going to be sold through Amazon.jp. People are having an odd time figuring out that move, espcially in a region where for quite a time they couldn’t keep Kaossilator’s on the store shelves long enough to meet the demand. Speaking of the Kaossilator, I got caught up a little and managed to find one for such a good price ($125) that I had to pick it up, plus it looks tons of portable improv fun.  I’m especially encouraged by the fact that it has one-hit kits and some drum synths instead of just relying on drum loops.

There’s still going to be a english language release in the States but that has been apparently set back to October and will be sold in stores where-ever available, not through Amazon. Apparently the gaming distributor XSEED has gained the rights to distribute the DS-10 in North America, so it sounds like a done deal.

Anyways, as soon as I learned of the new import date and that in Japan iwas exclusive to Amazon.jp (you cannot order through Amazon.jp in North America) I decided I could wait no longer and immediately ordered myself a Japanese copy which should be up for Sale offically on the 24th. No delays are expected. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Here is a fully detailed image gallery of the DS-10 from DSFanboy.com:


Check out this cool video/interview with the Creators of the DS-10:


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