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Kaossilator 16-step

Eventually I need to slow down with the Korg posts, but this is decent enough to share. As I mentioned previously I recently got myself a Kaossilator for a price i couldnt pass up…and I’m glad I did. There’s quite a few tricks to using the thing to speed up creativity like using the arp/gate patterns to automatically quanitze individual drum hits/ and drum synths, etc. (see the charts below, click for larger versions).

To the point: while exploring my KO, I discovered a boot-up mode by holding random buttons while powering the unit on. I googled a bit and found out ppl @ Korgforums and Youtube have already discovered this but the information seemed pretty buried so I thought I’d pass the info along myself.

When powering on the unit, hold down the TAP/BMP and Rec/Play buttons simultaneously and wait for the screen to boot up. DLY will read on the screen then release the buttons. Hold down Rec/Play and press the TAP/Bpm button again (Length setting). You can now change the overall pattern length to 16 steps and record some parameter automation like loop length and tempo, which can’t be recorded in regular mode. Recording acts differently as well, for example.. you can let go after laying down some sounds then make some changes on the length and tempo and the changes will be recorded.

You gain some you lose some. Overdubbing can no longer be undone via Fix and Cancel. In 16-Bar mode you can only delete the entire loop or keep overdubbing. Instead you have Erase and Clear. Erase works like it does in regular mode and so does Clear. Also, you can Pause the playback but if you stop it in order to sync something with the downbeat (pause/begin record on trigger), it will overwrite what was previously there.. not a big deal really.  Check out the video below the charts for a great example of the sorts of things you can do in this Mode by tripleninesquared.

  Gate-Arppeggio chart  








Korg DS-10 update

NCS Product Update – July 25, 2008
«©NCSX» An initial shipment of AQ Interactive’s highly anticipated KORG DS-10 Synthesizer software for the Nintendo DS arrived today and preorders will begin shipping this afternoon. Please note that the remainder of our shipments are expected to arrive next week.

Korg DS-10 ACQ Interactive

Update: I’ve pre-ordered a Japanese version of AQ Interactive’s Korg DS-10. Apparently the DS-10 has got a bit of a raw deal in Japan in that it is now exclusively going to be sold through People are having an odd time figuring out that move, espcially in a region where for quite a time they couldn’t keep Kaossilator’s on the store shelves long enough to meet the demand. Speaking of the Kaossilator, I got caught up a little and managed to find one for such a good price ($125) that I had to pick it up, plus it looks tons of portable improv fun.  I’m especially encouraged by the fact that it has one-hit kits and some drum synths instead of just relying on drum loops.

There’s still going to be a english language release in the States but that has been apparently set back to October and will be sold in stores where-ever available, not through Amazon. Apparently the gaming distributor XSEED has gained the rights to distribute the DS-10 in North America, so it sounds like a done deal.

Anyways, as soon as I learned of the new import date and that in Japan iwas exclusive to (you cannot order through in North America) I decided I could wait no longer and immediately ordered myself a Japanese copy which should be up for Sale offically on the 24th. No delays are expected. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Here is a fully detailed image gallery of the DS-10 from

Check out this cool video/interview with the Creators of the DS-10:


Korg DS-10

Korg, Nintendo, and software developer AQ Interactive have announced the upcomming launch of the Korg DS-10, a software emulation of the MS-10 (and then some) for the Nintendo DS. When this news reached me I was totally taken back – a big name in electronic music instruments offically licensing software for a handheld! The DS (particularlly the DS Lite) has already entered the realm of a classic OS for homebrew and commercial music apps and games, but with this announcement it’s locked. Count it among other odd classics like the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and early Nintendo platforms. Hopefully this will also inspire even more music applications to appear for the DS. We can always use more.

 Also worth note – contrary to initial reports, it is scheduled for a world wide release, not just Japan. | |



padKontrol native mode step sequencer

padkontrol = monome4x4+velocity sensitivity!


ZX Spectrum on the Nintendo DS


I am no Chiptune musician. I dabble here and there and respect the form, but it’s never been my focus. I see music sequencers/trackers, synths, and controllers for Handhelds and Consoles as instruments the same way I see an old Casio or 80’s Roland as instruments. They’re another weapon in an arsenal of synthesis and sometimes inspiring+alternate ways of approaching something which is often a great relief after you’ve been sitting blank eyed at a PC Sequencer or Editor for 4-5 hours every day. Trackers and cheap/old hardware+music software is also a large part of my present and past, so the occassional desire to bury myself into geekdom can be a source of inspiration. Such as running a ZX Spectrum EMU on my Nintendo DS and writing out some beats using the synthesis via programs as awful and entertaining as Wham! The Music Box while I’m sitting on the toilet.

There are 2 great ZX Spectrum EMUs for the Nintendo DS. DSpec and ZXDS. ZXDS is hands down the most compatible and full featured of the 2 (I didn’t even know of DSpec until recently, but it looks as though development may have stopped in 2006). Both have early version #’s but don’t let that fool you. ZXDS can operate in several modes like many of the popular EMU’s available. 48k, 128k, Pentagon and USRO (which I assume is another Russian ZX Clone like the Pentagon that occassionally pops up on Ebay).

ZXDS already has killer load/tape support including SNA/Z80 snapshots or TAP/TZX/PZX tapes. I have succesfully ran music programs such as Wham! The Music Box, SQ Tracker, Sample Tracker and SoundTracker. There are a few application’s I cannot find, or can only find in TRD format. AFAIK TRD (TR-Dos) isn’t supported on either one of these EMUs although ZXDS emulates their modes (.TRD was used on those Russian clones).

 Finding all the Trackers, music apps, and so on for the ZX is surprisingly hard to do, and alot of older sites have recently fallen off the face of the earth. In a future update, I will be creating a new resource bring alot of these things back together.

In the meantime, you can find some software via moogle charm:


Gameboy Camera (DJ Edit)

My next post was originally going to be about the Gameboy DS Lite. I recently bought a Krimson Red model (the previous models actually put me off) along with an R4DS Flashcart so I can load up homebrew roms and my own little experiments. However, I recently found myself taking a quick trip to Gamestop and stumbled upon a used/dusty lower shelf of Gameboy and Gameboy Advance accessories. Immediately my eye hit an old GB Carrying case, which my brother had with his original greybrick way back in the day. At 99 cents I couldnt pass it up…and since it was made for the original GB there was plenty of room to put my GBC, NDS, and all their accessories. That and its all retro and old and clunky.. the irony of it entertains me. When I took the GB Carrying case off the shelf, behind it I saw 2 GB Cameras for sale. The typical red one and a green one. I picked up the red one. Originally thinking only about the lowfi camera fun I could have with it I had completely forgotten about the DJ mode hidden on the cartridge under “Games”. In any case, that was a well spent 2$’s. Now, here’s some details on the GB Camera sequencer/synth/mixer…


Left image from the Gameboy Camera Manual. You can find a copy here:

For a review and description/explanation of it’s features read more…

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New old-stock PG-200.

Bumped across this perfect PG-200 today while surfing around and just had to share it’s cleanliness with everyone.
From this auction:

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