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Jeskola Buzz 1.2x — 2008 updates

Oskari Tammelin aka Jeskola has jumped into the Buzz 1.2b (Oct 2000) replacement madness that’s been going on the past several years by returning to Buzz, rebuilding the lost 1.2b code, and giving it a much needed update and bringing it up to date while at the same time adding new features, replacing old hacks developers have used in the past by giving them native interfaces, and much more.  Serious progress has also been made — and in part made Oskari’s job of returning to Buzz much easier — by the open sourced and very impressive programs Buze and Aldrin (linux) with more progress to come, but more on that some other time. Below are a few images of the current Buzz beta and some links to the latest beta and change log: